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Frequently Asked Questions

Before, there was a penalty for lacking health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but it was eliminated in 2017. Although the mandate exists, it’s not enforced. Some states have their own mandates and penalties for being uninsured. Contact Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777 to learn about potential penalties for lacking insurance.

Health plans under the ACA typically cover physical therapy as an essential health benefit. Chiropractic care availability depends on state-specific rules. To understand coverage, ask questions and contact Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777.

The ACA requires health plans to cover various preventive care services at no cost. Recent legal developments might impact certain services, but many preventive services are still covered. Contact Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777 for more details.

Buying insurance outside the exchange is an option, but subsidies are exclusive to plans within the exchange. Changes in subsidy eligibility might occur during the year, requiring a switch to an on-exchange plan. Different plan types exist, so ensure you choose the right one. Contact Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777 to understand the benefits of purchasing through an exchange.

Legal residents without employer-provided health benefits can access ACA coverage. Financial aid may be available based on income. Call Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777 for more information.

Eligibility for premium subsidies depends on income, not work hours. The American Rescue Plan widened subsidy access for 2021 and 2022. Contact Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777 to check your eligibility.

Forms like 1095-A, 1095-B, and 1095-C report health coverage to the IRS. If you need help finding these forms, contact Cygnus Health at (800) 294-4777 for guidance.

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